Gate Policy

1. Redemption Gate Implementation

We reserve the right to impose a redemption gate under the following circumstances:

1.1 Market Volatility: In the event of significant market volatility or disruption that may adversely impact the value of the portfolio’s assets, we may limit redemptions to a certain percentage of the portfolio's net asset value (NAV) within a specified period.

1.2 Liquidity Constraints: If the portfolio faces liquidity constraints due to a high volume of redemption requests, we may implement a redemption gate to ensure orderly liquidation of assets and fair treatment of all customers.

1.3 Protection of Portfolio Integrity: To protect the interests of all customers and maintain the integrity and stability of the portfolio, we may impose a redemption gate during periods of financial stress or uncertainty.

2. Notification and Communication

2.1 Customer Notification: In the event that a redemption gate is imposed, we will notify all customers in a timely manner, providing details on the percentage limit, the duration of the gate, and the reasons for its implementation.

2.2 Regular Updates: We will provide regular updates to customers regarding the status of the redemption gate and any changes to the conditions under which it was imposed.

3. Duration and Review

3.1 Temporary Measure: The redemption gate is intended as a temporary measure to address specific market or liquidity conditions and will be reviewed regularly by the portfolio’s management.

3.2 Resumption of Normal Redemptions: Normal redemption rights will be resumed as soon as practicable once the conditions that necessitated the redemption gate have been resolved.