Revolutionising Fine Wine Collecting

Savea seamlessly blends expert wine knowledge with blockchain technology, offering a simple and secure way to invest in mankind’s richest commodity.


Savea redefines wine investment and collecting through the integration of blockchain technology.

Our launch product introduces the world's first index-replicating portfolio based on the prestigious Liv-ex 1000 index. Utilising the Ethereum network, we guarantee provenance and provide enhanced transparency and security, all while offering a more cost-efficient, scalable, and liquid investment experience.

Savea fosters a global community through education and exclusive events, nurturing their passion by providing access to the finest and rarest wines in the world.

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Through relationships built up over the last two decades, we purchase the physical wines that comprise an index, such as the Liv-ex 1000. Wines bought direct from producers and official suppliers, only in perfect condition and with guaranteed provenance.

Wines are held by a Trust and stored in a professional, bonded warehouse operated by London City Bond, where the correct temperature and humidity is maintained, and insurance is provided to full replacement value.

Non-fungible tokens (ERC-721) are minted for each individual wine using the DESAT Network, including the wine’s unique characteristics, condition photos and storage details. The NFTs are wrapped in a proprietary, on-chain portfolio – within a smart contract. Shares in this portfolio are distributed as fungible tokens (ERC-20).

Investors can buy these shares with crypto or fiat, with support from our custodial partners, Circle. While holding Savea tokens, you’re invited to be part of a global community of wine enthusiasts. To sell, simply redeem shares directly with Savea, on an exchange or peer-to-peer.

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Unlocking one of the oldest commodities in history

Wine making is a tradition as old as time. Since its inception two decades ago, the Liv-ex 1000 index has returned around 8% per annum with low volatility and even lower correlation to other markets but until now, there was no way to invest in it. Savea offers an accessible, global trading platform for the asset class, the first of its kind.

Innovative security and ownership

Our portfolio is 100% backed by physical wine which is held in Trust, providing direct and tangible security. Our proprietary NFT standard includes a contract giving token holders sole access to underlying physical asset.

Blockchain optimisation

Each NFT includes immutable details about authenticity, provenance, storage and ownership. Through our tokenization and storage partners, Circle and DESAT Network, anyone can self-verify both the physical and digital assets. Smart contracts offer automated, secure and accurate execution of processes with unparalleled speed, reducing manpower costs and inefficiencies.

A culture of wine appreciation

Savea acts as a wine merchant for our customers, providing access to the finest and rarest wines in the world, as well as more everyday offers at market-leading prices. In addition to this, our customers get access to bespoke events, from educational and networking sessions, tastings and dinners hosted by leading winemakers to tours of vineyards themselves.

Product roadmap

After the Liv-ex 1000 index product, Savea will launch a managed fine wine portfolio aiming for market outperformance, with greater emphasis on tactical allocation. Beyond that, Savea will offer customers exposure to a variety of passion assets, including whisky, rum, watches and art.

In Numbers

Liv-ex 1000 over the last 20 years


Our first portfolio is designed to replicate a collection of the Liv-ex 1000 index. Discover more about the portfolio and its composition.

Where are the wines purchased from?

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All wines are purchased from the most reputable suppliers in the market, if not direct from the producers. We only buy ‘perfect stock’, which means:

  • Original wooden cases (where applicable)
  • Perfect condition
  • Guaranteed provenance
  • Has never left professional storage conditions (temperature, humidity controlled)
  • Remained in relevant tax-exempt zones, i.e. bonded warehouses
  • Minimum distance travelled, for example no European wines that have flown to the US and back

Where are the wines stored?

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Wines are stored in bond (exempt from import duty and VAT) with London City Bond (LCB), Europe’s largest professional warehouse group for fine wine. Here, wines are kept in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions, within warehouses designed to also limit vibrations for optimal long-term storage.

Are the wines insured?

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Yes. All wines are insured to full replacement cost by Gallagher and underwritten by Lloyds.

How do we ensure that the wines are authentic?

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We buy as much wine as possible directly from the producer, licenced negociant or their official agents. Wines will have never left the professional storage and shipping system, further reducing the opportunity for fraud. Any bottles outside of these strict parameters will be rigorously inspected by authenticity experts.

The first 50 Savea customers will receive a Founder NFT that will entitle them to various benefits.

Invitation to the Founder Portfolio, an actively managed collection of the finest and rarest wines in the world.

Tickets to our events around the world.

Buy up to $10,000 of retail wine per year, at cost price.

Sam Mudie

Sam Mudie

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