Founders Club

Your Key To Exclusivity

Join Savea’s elite Founders Club, where discerning wine investment meets unparalleled privileges. A select journey for the first 50 connoisseurs.

Penicillin Cures, But Wine Makes People Jappy.
Alexander Flemming

Why join?

Reserved for the first 50 visionaries who invest $50,000 or more, Savea's Founders Club is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. By owning this NFT, you’re invited to invest in our most exclusive portfolio, access a world of rare wines, enjoy significant purchase discounts, and participate in lavish wine tasting events. This isn't just an investment in wine; it's an investment in a future where digital assets magnify the allure of the world's finest wines.

Exclusive to the first 50 customers

Minimum investment: $50,000

Receive a Savea Founder NFT as a token of membership

Retain the NFT in your wallet to continuously enjoy member benefits



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Join the Founders Club for exclusive access to our highest performing portfolio, discounts on wine and special events, all underpinned by the flexibility of a tradable NFT membership.

Private Portfolio Access

By invitation-only, this actively managed ‘Founders Portfolio’ will comprise the finest and rarest wines in the world as well as tactical trading, off-market and special opportunities. Due to the scarcity of many of these wines, and a focus on investment performance rather than size, this portfolio is expected to be $5m in size.

Cost Price Wine

Enjoy the benefit of buying up to $10,000 in retail wines annually at cost. Tailor your collection with our expert recommendations or your own personal choices.

Tastings & Events

Gain exclusive discounts to our tastings and events, experience the finest wines and network in sophisticated, elegant settings.

Tasty Referrals

Refer a new member to the Founders Club and we’ll treat you both to evening of fine wine and dining.

Tradable NFT Benefit

Your Founder NFT is tradable, offering the flexibility to sell and transfer exclusive club benefits in the secondary market.

Discover the full spectrum of Founders Club benefits and embark 
on your exclusive wine investment journey.